Monday, 6 July 2015

More on Rules

The "new" blank Log Sheet
The Avalon Hill Gladiator rules, as previously posted were my first port of call when looking for a suitable set of rules for Gladiator combats, however they were fairly dated and didn’t completely tick all the boxes I wanted for my Gladiator campaign game. One thing I didn’t have though was a blank log sheet to record the Gladiator’s, details on and so I resorted to look on BoardGameGeek to see if they had any downloadable files of said log sheet.

Much to my surprise there were still active fans of the game and the game had developed in the years since I’d last played it.
Whilst I knew of the existence of the animal rules from a copy of “The General” there had also been quite a few revisions of the rules by individuals, along with suggestions for new rules.
The two issues of “The General” that were relevant (Vol. 18 #4 & Vol.19 #4) are mentioned and both are available on line. 

The General Vol 18. No.4 (Nov-Dec 1981)

The first issue gives the author’s explanation of the game along with several of the more common Gladiator types that could be used in the game.
The second issue has an article explaining how to combine Avalon Hill’s other Roman game, “Circus Maximus” with “Gladiator” into one vast Campaign.
There are also files for rules that changed the game slightly (The Billings rules) and a large file of new rules entitled “Gladiator – Colosseum Edition, which included many new rules for Gladiator types, different combat types, solo play and a whole host more whilst their new campaign rules are extensive.

Comparing the various glut of new rules was going to be a long task, but I felt I now had all the necessary pieces to check all the boxes I’d set out to do, it was just a matter of picking and choosing which bits I would keep, which I’d drop and which I’d alter.
Here’s what I was considering

I now had two full campaigns plus my own ideas to combine together into a suitable format and I’d incorporate the best of the ideas (removing all references for chariots racing) for example.

I had a large set of extensive rule ideas to sort through and select the bits I wanted to implement (for example I ditched the idea of “Talents”, but retained the idea of “Prestige”. Most of the solo rules could be deleted as I intended to play against other players.

I would incorporate the specifics of the Gladiator types into my game and maybe add a few more that weren’t given or maybe were given just a brief mention- Effectively, I could drop Light, Medium and Heavy types for their historical counterparts, the Velite, Murmidon or Crupplearius, together with some suggested armour distributions.

Of course there were bits I’d re-write to the original form that I liked(back to only one major action per combat phase) but I'd also be keeping some new versions of the old rules (a maximum attack points increase for a specific attack.)

All of this would take a lot of time but with all the reading I had set myself, the numerous figures I had to buy, assemble and paint plus a playing arena to create I did know it was going to be a fairly long time before I was going to be anywhere near ready to play the game !.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to welcome those brave souls that have elected to become followers of this blog, something I'd really not anticipated and in other news this is thee penultimate post that I have prepared !


  1. Well I shall be looking forward to seeing some progress appear. When you get around to it.

    1. Thanks Brummie, since June, when I started to feel a lot better I have managed to continue with this project, so newer rpogress is imminent .

    2. That's 2 counts of good news!! :)

    3. Thanks Colin, I still have a lot of 'ups and downs' health-wise, though thankfully more ups than downs !