Monday, 18 July 2016

Small Update

A rare small update to this blog brought abut mainly because of the disaster that befell my paint table (it fell over scattering everything upon it to the four winds), but once sorted it did give me the opportunity to re-visit some of my 54mm figures destined for the arena in one form or another.
The figures this time come from the HaT box set "Italian Allies"
As usual there are four identical sprues in the box, each with four figures.
The first photograph shows two of the  figures still on their sprue with some form of unusual trapezoid shields. They're not the best of stances and the figure on the left has his spear attached to his helmet.
What looks like a 'bun' on the other figure's helmet is in fact a horsehair

The other two figures on the sprue can be seen on the photograph to the right, both of whom are only slightly closer to what the box-art promises.
The detail on all the figures is a little sparse, but I can't help but emphasise that I consider these to be toys soldiers and are really nothing more then mere counters.

 So far all I've done to these is pair them up with an identical figure from another sprue and started the process of removing its spear, to be replaced with a scratchbuit sword though none of the original figures have any suggestion of being sword armed.
For each of the sword-wielding counterparts, I've moved the sword arms where possible to make a slightly different stance, using the hot-water, bend, dunk into cold water process.

You can probably tell from the photographs that there is still a bit of flash to be sorted on the models (and of course the swords have still to be made and added), but once all sorted, based and painted then I'll have another 8 figures to add to the arena combatants (effectively four as each has a differently armed counterpart).
I've also revisited my Hastati, from the HaT box set of the same name, but I'll be posting about that in the near future.

That's it then, yes it's been a while, but finding enthusiasm for this project has been difficult when I can't drum up any interest for it in my very limited wargamng circle.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.


  1. It was only while looking at the photo of the paint table organisation (on the main blog) that I truly appreciated the size difference between the 28 mils and these 54mm figures. I'd completely forgotten the proportion differences.

  2. I've found painting the 54mms far more enjoyable (and faster) than any of their smaller brethren. 54mms (even these 'toys' tend to be far better proportione too.

    1. Yes, looking at the above figures they appear well-sculpted and with the clean, smooth surfaces I can imagine them being fun to paint - Certainly easier than some of the small and finicky details miniatures that are a pain.

      You'll be able to use a larger brush, will you, when painting the 54 mil miniatures?

      I've some 40mm belonging Stu (of Col. Bills) to play around with when I get back to painting. Apart from the eyes I should get away with just using my larger brush on those.

    2. They're very well sculpted imo and well proportioned scale-wise.
      I use size 2 brushes down to OOO and I sdont paint the eyes as I can't paint less than 1mm!
      I've recently seen a huge Sudan game using 54mms too.

  3. These will be great. Painting the slightly large 35mm batman figures is certainly an eye opener the details are still small in places but they are certainly easier to paint as well.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Brummie, my painting of 54mms is no better than that of my 28mms really, but I do find it a lot easier; thankfully there is really little detail on these!