Monday, 25 July 2016

Hastati and a little more progress

Box Art
Following on from my last update, at the same time as getting he eight Italian Allies ready to serve in the arena, I also added to their number four Hastati  from the Hat box of the same name.
The hastati box follows the same format of all the other boxes in their ancient series in that there are four sprues of four different figures.
The basic four sculpts
In this particular set there are two each of  sword-armed figures and spear-armed figures, which fits nicely into my idea of substituting spear-armed figures with the sword-armed ones once their spears have been 'lost'.
The four figures are shown in the photograph to the left, pretty much as they appear straight from the box, though I may have tweaked their arm positions a little.
I like these figures, they're identically kitted out, their proportions are superb and although the detail on them is minimalist, they'll be very easy to paint up.
I based these up alongside the eight 'Italian Allies' figures  on my now standard 40mm x 30mm bases, using superglue to stick the plastic figures to their  plastic bases. I've been using old credit cards, phone cards etc. for this even though I only normally get 2usable bases from each.  Next step was covering them all in "Poundworldbargainland"  ready-mixed filler, 'painting' a layer of pva over the filler and finally sprinkling some sand onto the base for texture.
Textured bases
The filler was left to dry overnight before applying the pva and sand as  I don't like to hurry such processes and I was in no rush anyway!
Once thoroughly dry of course they were undercoated in my usual £1 primer, this time grey rather than my normal matt black for no other reason than I had grey.
After undercoating, I did realise that I hadn't added the sword required by the (now) disarmed spear men.
This was quickly fixed with he aid of some scrap sprue, a file and a scalpel.
The sword bearing counterparts .

I'm quite happy with the results of my scratch-built swords although they're maybe a little too long to represent a gladius they'll probably still pass as a spatha or similar.

Over the next week I hope to get one or two pairs of these dozen figures, but that's it for this week.


  1. They look good looking figures. The quick sword conversions look the business, too.

    1. Thanks Roy, I'll still need a few more swords as markers for the arena too so I'm pleased these came out so well.

  2. Nice job on the sword conversions they look good to me.

    1. Thanks Brummie, they were quick and fairly easy to do too - one of the many joys working with 54mms I guess.