Monday, 4 April 2016

Last of the Carthaginians

The original two
Yes, it doesn't quite have the same ring to it as "Last of the Mohican", but I have managed to add another two figures to my gladiator pool.
Having used all eight of the other figures in the box I looked at the remaining eight and their two poses didn't take my fancy at all. as there really is little variation that can be had with the these two stances.
The running figure can have his leg bent into a more suitable stance, both both figures suffer from their spears being firmly attached to their shields, thus preventing any significant altering of their pose.
Arrghh, where's the gap ?
I had however already started on versions of these two and had them already undercoated, based and some primary colours done.
My sticking point in finishing them off was the standing figure's awful lump of plastic between his spear, torso and shield as can be seen in the photograph.
Cutting this excess plastic out to  leave a gap was an obvious solution but proved far too difficult for me. Instead I cut away the whole of the spear and then cut the plastic out, trying a shard as my limited modelling skills allow, to disguise the surgery. I did leave the small spear-point intact to give me a target point for the shaft to align with.
The replacement spear was a cocktail stick filed down along its length, to about half its width. The holding hand had the fngers carefully separated to take the new spear shaft.
Cocktail stick spearman.

By itself, the cocktail stick spear is hardly noticeable even though it is thicker than the original and that gap is there as it should be (though not completely obvious on the photograph)
Rear view.
Running man
The second figure had little extra work done on him, the most noticeable thing being his running leg has been bent (using the boiling water, bend. immerse in cold water technique) into what I consider a more suitable position.
I did fully repaint both figures, from their original white tunics to more rough looking ones, their shield too were given rather bland colours. 
As they are, they're usable as generic light gladiators, criminals or for fighting animals, but as I've got more than enough other, more suitable figures I don't intend to use the remainder of my Carthaginian light infantry, other than maybe as a casualty figure or two.

Rear of "running man"

So that's it for now, goodness knows when I'll manage another one. My enthusiasm for this project is still there but getting any from my erstwhile opponents is difficult as they seem more interested in their orcs and dwarfs,, so I'll still be plugging away be though it as a slower rate (my throwing rules for example are now complete).

If there is anyone still out there, thanks for taking the time to look. 


  1. I'm still here. And really admiring the cocktail stick surgery.

    1. Thanks Roy (and thanks for making me chuckle), it took a long time to evenly file down the stick.

  2. Nice minis Joe. Good work.