Monday, 29 February 2016


I finally got around to finishing off my retiarii by affixing the nets (the Retia of the title) to the
Onion mesh bag cut into suitable sizes ;circles'
figures. They have been painted for a while now after many changes in colour choices. I'm quite happy with the overall effect I've achieved by using so many different colours (three different browns, two greens and yellow ochre.
Originally I had made the nets to roughly circular scale 4 metres diameter (about 4 inches or 10cm), as my best research seemed to indicate. bebut found that when adding them to the figure they occupied far to much space, especially as I had to really fit them into the 3cm sided hexes I use.
Retiarius with net added
I therefore cut them down to a more practical size of about 3inches which suited me far better.
The attachment was very straight-forward in that I looped one hole in the net over the hand of the retiarius and glued  in place. The remainder of the net was then draped either around his had (if it was one of the gathered ends)  to represent the retrieval rope for a cast net or on the ground by his left side. spots of superglue on both the net and firmly attached the net both to itself and the base, finishing off the figure.
Same figure, different view
And again
Another 'net-man'

I did make an extra net to represent a discarded one, but haven't based it up yet (along with all the other detritus of the arena that still needs doing - i.e. weapons and shields); and that as they say is with these figures now 'finished',  my Gladiator project is all but finished.
And another different one...
...who has probably the most dynamic pose
The final one named "Blurius"

There are a few bits and pieces still to do of course, like the aforementioned detritus and a few counters too are needed.

I also have other, fairly suitable figures that may make an appearance in my arena and some animals too, so I will be still adding to the collection but not at the same rate as this last year and as they are added I will of course post about them.

Thanks for taking the time to visit here and I hope you've found something of interest.


  1. Nicely modelled. And the nets certainly look large enough to properly ensnare a victim, something that the 28mm that I have don't sometimes appear to be large enough to do.

    So if the Murmillo features a fish on its helmet, and the Retarius weilds a net... What would such a fight be called?

    1. Thanks Roy, the Murmillo and Retiarius didn't appear to be a historic pairing (I too thought it would be). The Retiarius was generally paired with a Secutor. The latter had a smooth helmet whilst the Murmillo has that fin-like crest which would be more easily snagged by a net.
      I haven't yet noticed any of the smaller ranges of Retiarius having anything like as substantial a net as mine - and I had to cut mine down!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Brummie, but I doubt I'm the first to think of using similar netting for all sorts of things.

  3. That's a great idea for the nets. They certainly add to the character, too.

    1. Thanks Mattyoo, I was very pleased with the way the nets worked out and glad I didn't go with my first option.