Monday, 15 February 2016


"Red" sword and spear
I have managed to finish off the Carthaginian light infantry "conversions" that I posted about last
time; lack of enthusiasm, time and illness have all lead to my very slow output since pre-xmas and
I'm finding it increasingly difficult to produce anything  - I blame my age !

Although initially I was going to use the same format as my other pairs of figures, but I went this time with colour co-ordinated tunics , but as I was unhappy with the resultsI only managed two pairs  like this, the other two pairs being in white with some colour to denote their pairing with their sword/spear version.

I wanted to have some fairly drab colours for the tunics and wnet for a dull red and a basic yellow ochre , although the shields on the "yellow" paring are in facte several different washes of brown (probably not that evident from the photographs).

"Team Green"

The blue and green pairs each were given a stripe of their allotted colour around the base of their tunic in addition to their shield colouring.

The whole group


I did discover that there is only so much you can do with 'converting' these figures (at least at the level of conversion I'm talking about) and some of the sword-arm poses s look a bit suspect, but what the heck, as I've said before these are merely playing pieces in my own elaborate version of a board game,  

Thanks for taking the time to visit, I hope you found something of interest.

Next time (note maybe not next week), I may even get around to fixing those nexts to my retiarii figures!


  1. Coming on well. Speaking of well, get better soon.

    1. Thanks Irqan on both counts. All I really need now are some players

  2. Nice work dude. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks Brummie, I'm Ok atm, but visiting the Doctor's is becoming a regular thing atm.