Monday, 28 September 2015


Of the two sets of figures (three boxes) from Italeri and Pegasus, only one of the two Pegasus sets has a single casualty figure (shown in the photograph to the right).
Unless you are playing with a single pair of gladiators (in which case a casualty figure is unnecessary)  then there is a  need for more casualty figures.
I envisage having a maximum of four one on one combats in my arena with probably four players having a pair of gladiators each, so more casualty figures were desirable.

Of the other figures in the Pegasus sets, there is a pairing of a gladiator giving the coup de grâce to another gladiator (really a two model vignette) and the opponent of a retiarius complete with net over his upper body as can be seen on the to the left.

The two effectively 'uselss' figures I utilised to make more casualties. The first (the victim of the coup de grâce.) can be seen on the right here. very little in the way of modelling was necessary on him. 
I think that he makes for quite a decent casualty and although he does 'sit' awkwardly  on the ground I can live with it.

Composite casualty.

The Retiarius' opponent however needed a little more work as all that was salvageable from the figure was from his waist down - he needed an entire upper body!

The day was saved however by World Wrestling Entertainment, or at least a set of figures purchased from Poundlandworld!

The Wrestlers
Five figures and a few useful bits for other things (no chairs etc. being thrown in my arena) seemed to fit the bill nicely.
There are two variants of extras in the packs and two variants of the figures themselves, those with an arm in the air and those with their arms by their sides (the preferable pose). I looked for the packs that had at least three with their arms in the preferred position,
There is a a bit of work to be done in removing the heavy wrestling boots from the figure, but they are made from a very soft plastic so even with my limited modelling skills I think I make a passable corpse!
The loincloth abomination was made from kitchen roll and could have been much better with some modelling putty (which sadly I have none off and no skills with in any event).

It does have to be said though that the actual height of the figures is slightly less than 54mm (around 50mm) but it;s hardly noticeable.
 All of these, save for the new base colour, were completed
earlier this year.

I've also used these figures to supplement my gladiators victims, in so much as several of their number have been 'converted' to act as poorly armed criminals, which I'll post about next week.
I do know it's probably unlikely that criminals were given any chance in the arena other than as victims of execution, but where's the fun in that?  - More next week !