Monday, 14 September 2015


Two Lynx before the bases were done.
These Lynx or Lynxes, if you prefer, were my first animals that I'd painted up for my Gladiators. Originally I think they were lionesses or some other big cat, but in a much smaller scale.
I converted them to represent lynx by docking their tails and nipping their ears into the characteristic tufted, pointed ears of many of the different lynx species.
I gave them extra height on their bases was originally done to match up with my gladiators, which in hindsight looks awful now imo., but I won't be altering them.
Their bark is...., no , wait....

All four, blurry, thanks to the rubbish cameraman
I based the colouring on the European Lynx  (not quite extinct yet) though the colouring seems to vary greatly; overall they look quite scruffy compared to the 'big cats'.

"these don't look that bad"
I doubt very much that these animals hunt in packs, but for my purposes they'll stand in for the wolves and wild dogs that I wanted and have yet to find a more suitable substitute for.
As these were made way back in January or February this year, this week's contribution to the project has been to finish painting the bases on all my menagerie (and the base of the single luckless gladiator shown)
I don't fancy his chances
Over the brown of the bases there a brighter yellow sand colour over a much lighter colour matching the arena.
Here's a couple gratuitous photo graphs pf the whole lot, just sixteen in all but they do seem to fill the arena.

Arena spectator's point of view (ish)
To finish off with, here some more of the animals that I got in the bags; some of them are suitable candidates for the arena, whilst other are a bit 'meh'.
First off, this elephant, which as you can see, I did start to do some work on. I'm a bit hesitant to use it, it has a peculiar physiognomy, with its short legs and general size, but anything larger and It probably wouldn't fit on just two hexes, so it's on the back burner for the moment.
"Two to one, hmm"
These two zebra are really good models (with just a little flash) but obviously they do need a better paint-job (which even I think I can manage).
There is scant evidence of Zebra appearing in the arena (along with many other 'exotic' animals) and I have no hesitation considering including these.
Whilst they're not generally associated with being a naturally aggressive creature they can
"If I can catch it, I can kill it...probably"
probably put up a bit of fight with their hooves and teeth.
Unlike this poor creature, the giraffe, which I reckon would turn to flight immediately on entry having no other apparent defence, though maybe it could give you an "evil glare".
I won't be condemning this animal; the model itself is a bit on the small side when compared to the other 'larger than life' animals I'm currently taken too appearing more like a baby alongside the gladiator.

Another animal I've considered using is a mountain gorilla that came in the bags (I like to get my monies' worth), though there are a couple of things holding me back. Firstly the there is no upright figure for the creature and my modelling skills are way lower than those needed to convert one of these to such a stance.
Secondly I can't find any evidence of them in the arena, which is hardly surprising, considering that they come from the mountains of the Congo)
If they had appeared I'm guessing the Romans would have though them some form of wild Barbarian! - (just me fantasising)    
"They're vegetarians ....right?"
Next up are a pair of hippos, though these appear on the small side (hippos are BIG), they could represent adult bay hippos though (if that makes sense) .
Unlike the larger version below,
which I'd love to use  in a combat, when I work out how to flood my arena.

"Look at the size of his gaping maw"

"Aww, just the one then?"
I almost one hundred percent sure that I've seen a mosaic featuring a rhinoceros, but the chap on the left looks a bit small  compared to the one I encountered in Edinburgh zoo. I suppose he could be used as a pygmy hippo though.
The rather daunting model below is the large version of the same model and is a far more imposing opponent and one of the few that you could give a decent armour value to for the thickness and toughness of its skin.
The legendary Mokele-mbembe maybe ?
That's it then for this week, I'll be turning to more human matters next week (and painting up the rest of my gladiator bases), thanks for taking the time to visit here, hope you found something interesting.


  1. Like the lynxes Joe - yet more good work! The groups shots are impressive as are the bigger rhino and hippo. You can use the hippo without the water - wouldn't that make it angry and more likely to attack?

    1. Thanks Colin, I think Hippos struggle on land, but it's stillusable as is; they are vegetarian but don't hesitate to attack humans!

    2. I heard they are the deadliest animal in Africa - that is that hippos kill more humans than any other animal does

    3. I'm sure you're right, they are notorious killers.