Monday, 5 October 2015


Prisoner #0001
Following on from my post last week, the other use I put my WWE wrestlers to was as criminals for my arena.
There was a minimal amount of modelling to do on these figures, namely some form of loincloth (which I made from tissue and the 'belt' from thread) and a weapon or weapons. The weapons were roughly cut from sprue and filed to shape  - nothing dramatic, so long as they looked roughly like a knife or sword.
 I did give one a rough shield  which in game terms will be small and half the strength of a normal small shield.
There was also a bit of cutting to do to rid the models of their wrestling boots, so they appear either bare-footed or at least without the heavier footwear of the original wrestlers.
It's probably a bit anachronistic to give prisoners weapons for a 'fair fight' as they were routinely executed without such a luxury afforded to them. In my games though they will have a chance to fight (be it a very slim one).
Prisoner #0002

As was mentioned in my last post these chaps are slightly (2-4mm) than the other figures I have but are still very usable as far as I'm concerned.
Both the poor unfortunate above and his companion to the left are armed with gladius styled weapons made from sprue.
The chap on the left ahs also had his boots cut down to sandals, rather than be bare-footed.
Prisoner #0003

This character (on the right), though not my favourite does at least have some variation in his clothing insomuch as he's wearing a mask! Again very anachronistic I'm guessing, but at least he makes for a distinctive figure.
Prisoner #0004
The last of my four 'convicts' is armed with a longer weapon than the others and is equipped with a shield too.
In game terms he'll  only be slightly better off and will still probably fall victim to a well armed and trained gladiator.

Better view of his sword and shield
All four in the arena
In the full program of events for my arena, these will appear after the morning beast hunts and other animal slaughters but before the main gladiator bouts. They are tagged in with the other 'novelty acts' so that players can always have something to fight if they can't otherwise fulfil the requirements for the second session of the games.

 In other news whilst I haven't been able to make any further progress with this project, (hopefully that will change in the near future) I have managed to fit a trial game in! The game was very entertaining from my point of view and I think my opponent also enjoyed it too (fingers crossed).
I'll probably write a bit about the game next week, but that's all for now.  


  1. Nice conversion work Joe. They certainly look the part :)

    1. Thanks Brummie, the scruffy unkempt criminal look is all the vogue in the arena I hear.

  2. Looking good. Some clever work there.

    1. Thanks Irqan, at 20p a figure you can afford to make a few mistakes too.

  3. Nice job, they are very impressive....