Monday, 23 November 2015

Velites (2)

Front box art from the Hat box "Roman Velites"
I finally managed to do all the bits and pieces that I was unable to finish for last week's post, and managed to keep phlegm and the contents of my nose from contaminating them!
I'd thought I'd show the box art form the set "Roman Republic Velites" from which I selected the eight figures I'd be using.
The reason behind this is to illustrate that "What you see is not what you get".
In the box-cover picture there are a mere tow "velites" accompanied by six "Hastatii" (? - If I'm  wrong, don't pick me up on it as I'm not that all familiar with "ancients", other than having a sprinkling of general knowledge.
The rear of each of the 'HAT' boxes give a more accurate picture of the actual contents, even if they are just line drawings,
They also shows what is on each sprue - generally four figures in four different poses (for the ancients range at least) and four identical sprues to give the sixteen figures in each of the infantry boxes.

 The photograph on the right shows two of the sprues, minus the sword wielding velite
As I've said on previous occasions there is sufficient detailing on the figures to make them slightly above 'toys', but probably not enough for those more dedicated to, or knowledgeable of the period.
There is enough however for me to contend with though.

For completeness the photograph on the left shows the reverse of the Hastati (?), with his pila, one to hand and one held behind his spear.
You can just about make out his back-plate and greaves.

Here's my four finished javelin-wielding versions of  the figures.
I've used two of each pose and I've bend their throwing arms into slightly different positions to give a bit of variety. Hopefully, you can easily spot the two variants  I've used.

Their gladius wielding counterparts
 are meant to be mirror images of the javelin figures and once more I've bent their arms to give more varied poses as there's only a single pose of this figure. It's fairly obvious that they're all colour coordinated.
I chose some fairly bland colours for their shields and the stripe along the bottom of their tunics,
Finally here's a group shot of all eight figures, with the front row's counterparts behind them in the rear.

That's all for this week, I'll be showing some of the other "HAT" sets that I've purchase this last year in the weeks to come as my #1 son and I continue to try and sort out the beast fighting rules, so we can use these figures !


  1. Nice work again Joe. This Project is coming along at a good pace now.

    1. Thanks Brummie, once the rules are finally sorted, (if they ever are) thenI'll be able to say that the project is finally finished - some way off though atm.

  2. Are you full of cold too? I've had mine for a fortnight now and the stupid thing won't shift (a lowered immune system doesn't help mind).
    Good idea having the two variants of the same figures (javelin and sword). Such a system will certainly solve the issue of note-keeping with the javelin supplies - Oh, just had an idea for my own games. Spare javelins to place on the arena floor. Allowing the velites to pick them up for further use. Obviously just the javelins that initially missed their targets.

    1. Hu Roy, I'll call "snap" then as I too have an immune problem too, which I've had for four years now. (It's incurable but I'm in remission currently). I've slowly recovering from my annual bout of Bronchitis, which tends to involve both phelgm and nasal discharges (yuck times10).
      We keep track of thrown missiles too, both those that break and those that merely land in the arena. The broken ones are unusable and a "stumble" threat. There is a chance that whole ones can be picked up and used. Broken ines too can still be used (if you have the 'point' end) and they count as daggers.

  3. Really nice work there.Your project is in progress and it is very exciting to follow.

    1. Thanks Ptr, this project has a little more to go before I can say that it's finished.