Monday, 30 November 2015


Box art
I'm continuing with posts about my other HaT purchases, this week showing "The Celts" (which is probably pretty obvious from the title and the blatant box picture of a Celt).
The box title is actually "Gallic Warband" and the figures can easily be used for any of the numerous Celtic peoples, including the Ancient Brits.
My intention was to use these as prisoners of war, fighting with their native weapons either against gladiators or even my legionaries. There are quite a few records of such 're-enactments' of famous battles played out in the arena, with gladiators, prisoners, criminals etc being used for both sides.

Reverse box art
 As is usual with all the HaT boxes that I've bought, (always makes me smile seeing that phrase) there is a line drawing on the reverse of the box showing (fairly accurately) a depiction of a typical sprue of figures within the box.
As can be seen there are two spear armed and two sword armed figures, with one of the latter being the (almost) obigatory naked charging fanatic; the other has wings attached to his helmet, maybe to depict some form of leader-figure.
Two of the figures, front and back
Here's two  photographs of two sprues, showing the front and back of a pair of the figures.
They are still on their sprues and have uncut flash etc. on them and note that the spear-man's spear is attached to his helmet.

The other two figures on the sprue, again showing front and back

The other half of the two sprues has the naked fanatic swordsman and the second spearman, who also has his spear attached to his head.

Fronts of the eight "conversions"
I've cut the figures off two of the sprues, giving me four spear-armed and four sword-armed fgures, but note that the spearmen are also modeled with swords.
The photographs show the fronts and backs of the eight figures I've decided I may use in my arena combats.
I have done a few bits and bobs in the way of minor conversions on these figures, some of which will be easily spotted.
Rear view of the eight "conversions"
The spearmen have had their spears detached from the heads.
One version of the "fanatic" has had pants added and both have had  their feet firmly grounded.
Two helmets have had minor alterations to them (wings cut from one, plumage from the other). All the figures have had their arms bent into different poses and a few have also had their shields or shield arm pose altered. 

That's it for this week, I hope you've found something here of interest.


  1. Nice conversion work. They will look good when painted.

    1. Thanks Brummie; "They will look good when painted." - I just love your optimism - had you forgotten that I'll be painting them ?