Monday, 24 August 2015

What's new Pussycat ?

Did you guess that they're meant to be tigers ?
This is a first for this blog, being something recently painted! I've haven't managed any figure painting since being ill in March but that has now been remedied with a couple more animals for my gladiators to combat .
They're a couple more of the soft plastic squeaky toy types, similar to the two bears I posted about last week, so of course they suffer from all the same problems and faults that the bears had.
There is a lot of flash on these models (some of which I missed, but meh, they're merely playing pieces and I'm not attempting to win any prizes with them!) and they have a horrible join around their waist which had to be cut off, filled  and disguised as fur.
Should have a black pupil of course
For all their faults though, they're recognisable as what they're meant to be and the detail isn't that bad either - for a very cheap toy (50p), as can be hopefully be seen in the photograph on the left, despite my painting skills (or lack thereof) - if I'd had a steadier hand I'd have added a black pupil.
For the purists however there is one inescapable fault with these models in that they're rather over-sized, being at least one and a half times as large as they should be. for my purposes though it does mean that they look better on the larger base size. I reckon that if they were in scale they'd fit onto a single hex.
"Ubi irrumabo quod non venis?"
When put against a 54mm gladiator, they're a veritable monster of a beast!
I've left the bases of all the animals in a raw state, to be finished at the same time for consistency.
To get an idea of just how large these beast are, the photograph on the left shows one of these large lions (in its straight-out-the-bag state) shown alongside the lion that comes with the Italeri set of Gladiators.
Below is a couple of photographs showing how they match up to a 54mm gladiator, clearly showing the well-scaled Italeri version compared to the rather over-scaled "Bag-O'Animals" version (with newly added base)
Gladiator v the Italeri Lion
Gladiator v the "Bag-0'Animals Lion
It's obvious to me that the cheaper model is vastly over-sized - I've visited our local museum to see their life-sized, fully grown stuffed one but the cheap toys ones do stand out!
Lion menage a trois
In my collection of the cheap big cats I have two lions, a lioness, a cheetah and a leopard plus another cat that came from a tabletop sale.
Definitely at least one  cheetah (on the left)
Definitely at least one  cheetah (on the left)

Shown on the right, a cheetah and two leopards or maybe a leopard and two cheetahs, very tricky to say, but I reckon there's definitely one cheetah.

If my current painting spree continues, then next week I may well be posting more 'new' stuff, failing which I'll be digging into the archives to fit the bill of "Here's one I did earlier" but in the meantime, here's a quick welcome to my latest follower and to all those reading this, I hope you're finding something of interest.

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  1. Well I'm glad that you posted this as I do like Gladiator Movies. Certainly going to catch up on this over the next couple of weeks, looks good.

    1. Thanks Irqan, you should also try watching thw Spartacus TV series.

    2. Been there, done that! ;-)

    3. I missed it the first time around, but cayght it this year!

  2. Looks damn good to me Joe. I'm with you - I reckon that's a cheetah (on the left) and 2 leopards in the last pic.

    Personally, I wouldn't worry about the beasties being oversized, they look far more menacing that the 'proper' sized italeri lion - makes the victory all the sweeter for the gladiators!

    1. Thanks Colin, it's pretty difficult to to tell the smaller cats apart when they're not painted. I must admit that I too am drawn to the oversized animals too because of how menacing they look.