Monday, 31 August 2015

Three Lions on my Dirt

Three Lions (yawn)
OK, so it was another poor title and one of them is actually a lioness, but I have managed to finish off another three 'big cats' (with emphasis on big) in the last week, save for their bases and varnishing. Again they're the soft polyethylene type that I'd purchased in a Poundlandworld though you only get a single usable Lion in any particular pack.
Side view (who'd have guessed ?)
These do take my acrylic paints rather well and with these three I didn't undercoat them with black primer as I did with the original Italeri one. Instead I used a sand colour as the base over which I mainly applied washes and highlights of colour, with some detailing.

Blurry snap
Even with my lack of painting skills I reckon you can still make out what they're meant to be!
"By  Jupiter he's a biggun"
I should really reiterate that these models are pretty good detail wise but they are really big, well over-scale for 54mm figures; I quite like that whilst I'm sure many will not.

Comparative View (the Italeri one is small, not just far away)
They're not the biggest lions you get in the £1 bag either!

The photograph on the right shows the largest lion I have, which along with all the other ludicrously large animals went to the grand-children's collection. In the centre is the one I think the most usable and consequently the one I used, whilst on the right is the abandoned, unfinished Italeri one which looks quite wimpish in comparison.
At home with the noisy upstairs neighbours

Here's another comparison montage of before and after, just to show that even for toys they come up to a fairly acceptable  wargaming standard.

Close up of face (obviously)

As with so many bloggers, I do know that trying to stick to a deadline of blogging is quite an incentive to get some progress in a project even if it's just a little every week. I've three more left cats to finish, but I have a lot more animals!

That's it then for another week with the usual hope that anyone reading this will find something of interest.


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    1. Thanks Irqan, I did have a chuckle at your comment.I

  2. Sorry I missed this post Joe. I really like your lions, and as I've said before, I'm with you on liking the animals being big - I'm entirely with you on abandoning the Italeri fig

    These and the leopards and cheetah are giving you quite a selection for your Bestariuses (or should it be Bestarii ?)

    1. Thanks Colin, I'm nearly there now with all the animals I want fpr my Bestarii