Monday, 7 November 2016

Gladiatoris - the Kickstarter

I've been following the development of this game for about four or five years now (I believe it started from the germ of an idea about 2009).

Couple this interest with my wish to tick off another item from my bucket list (to take part in a kickstarter) and I succumbed to pledging, not a huge pledge, but satisfyingly enough.
The kickstarter went live a week on Thursday 3rd November and is now plodding along, slowly but steadily.
You can find full details of the kickstarter HERE.  The costs do look a little high, but then again it also looks like a quality product.

There are a few 'extra' freebies of course if you pledge,  as in many, if not all Kickstarers I've perused, though there are two others already further along the production line a, as can be seen in the two photographs below.
The 'mercenary; shown on the right, looking very useful, though there is no model shown as yet.
Yes, the figure female and they do give reasons why this is so and it doesn't bother me one way or the other, as it's such a lovely sculpt.

The other, shown below is an equally good sculpt of a Provocateur.
(Photo edited, to show the bits I'm interested in)
There is also the opportunity to purchase extra items (duplicates of the basic ones) and a Historical background book too.
I've opted into the two shown on the right in my basic pledge. the book looks good and they have had a "resident historian" aiding them throughout the development process, so it should be pretty good.
As for the dice, well, you can't have too many dice imo.

So this is my latest passion, following the progress of this Kickstarter and I do hope it does reach its targets.
I do think that it does need a bit more publicity though and anything any of those reading this to spread the word would be a great help.

For me, its now back to looking at making u some animal rules for my current game set-up.

That's it, all comments are of course welcomed and appreciated.


  1. I'll be interested to see how it all goes with the Kickstarter, and how the game plays (should it ever be made).

    I can't promote the Kickstarter on my blog, unfortunately, due to being associated with Colonel Bills and if anything goes wrong it could open a can of worms...

    1. Thanks for the input evenso Roy. The game has bbeen finished for about six months now (that is to say in its final form) and there are many reports and vids etc. of it being played too.